Messy Play by Huggies® Wipes Blogger Challenge

By | June 6, 2010

I spotted this challenge over on Kelly’s blog, A Place Of My Own, and couldn’t resist!

Here is C, doing what what she does best, making a mess!  We’ve taken the baby-led weaning route and it is so much fun, and also messy!  Luckily, I find it all so funny that I don’t really mind!

Messy Play by Huggies® Wipes Blogger Challenge 
Inspired by some of the Huggies® mums recent posts, Huggies® Baby Wipes wants to see your photos of your little ones really getting messy. Child psychologist Janine Spencer says, “Giving children the freedom to play messily helps them develop their imagination and social skills. It boosts their confidence and helps them understand the world around them. That’s a small price to pay for a bit of mess.”
So, here’s the brief, post the messiest photos of your little one to your blog anytime between May 18th and July 14th. Any type of photo will do – your baby getting messy in dirt, paint, food, whatever. Huggies® will then create a list of links to all the blog posts of babies getting messy on mum blogs around the web. 

  1. The messier your baby is in the photo the better. (The challenge is cleaning up!)
  2. Post the photo to your blog with The Messy Play by Huggies Wipes challenge. (It can be an old photo or a previous post).
  3. Send a link of your blog post featuring your Messy Play photo to @Huggies_UK on Twitter or to participate.
  4. Check out to see all the blogger submissions and links to their blogs. Submissions will also be shouted out by @Huggies_UK on Twitter.
  5. The top 3 messiest entries will receive Huggies® gift packs of Huggies merchandise.

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Kelly on June 7, 2010 at 9:46 pm.

Wow, she looks like she i having a lot of fun. I love it when they are all covered in food (although I am not so keen on the cleaning up!)