Review – Brother Max bath toys & thermometer

By | October 14, 2010

Me and C were recently sent some Brother Max products to review.  I’d never heard of the brand before so was curious to see what the items were like.

First up were the Brother Max bath toys:

To be honest, it’s an odd looking set of bath toys, very different from the usual types.  Included is a flexi-brush, sprinkler cup, ring rattle, sponge stamper and twister flannel.

Despite looking quite odd, C really liked them, in particular the sprinkler cup and stamper.  She likes to play with things that aren’t toys anyway so I think these appealed to her as they weren’t conventional bath toys.

They also have a safety feature in that the orange spots on them turn yellow if the water is too hot.  They work too – I tried it!

I would buy these for myself as I get bored of looking at the same types of toys and these are certainly out of the ordinary.

Next up is the 3 in 1 Digital Thermometer:

I was really impressed with this.  It comes with a stand so it can be a regular room thermometer but also has a cover with a probe behind for use as an ear or forehead thermometer.

It measures your temperature really quickly which is a blessing with a wriggly, uncooperative toddler, and there’s no need for those annoying probe covers you get with other thermometers, simply wipe it clean.

It comes with a little case so it can be taken on your travels easily but my absolute favourite feature has to be that it knows which way up it is!  You can fix the stand upside down, beneath a shelf for example, but the thermometer will display the temperature the right way up – amazing!

I would definitely buy one of these.  We have separate room and ear thermometers at the moment but I wish I’d have known about this before buying them.

The Brother Max range of products are available to buy from Amazon, Mothercare and other online retailers.  The bath toys RRP is £16.99 while the 3 in 1 thermometer is £34.99.

Visit their website to view more of their products and see the product movies.


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Emma on October 14, 2010 at 4:02 pm.

They really are strange looking bath toys! I’m always looking out for new bath toys – Most of our bath toys have a little hole in the bottom and I get a bit fed up of how quickly they can go moldy inside! Will have to keep an eye out for these ones when I’m in mothercare, B currently loves pouring water so he will probably love the sprinkler bit!