Review – Truprint canvas

By | October 25, 2010

When I was offered to review a canvas from Truprint I jumped at the chance.  As anyone who is a parent knows, by the time your baby is just a few months old you will have hundreds of photos of them, just stuck on a laptop or memory card.

So I had the chance to send off for a 12″x12″ canvas to review for my blog.  Sounds good right?  Well yes, apart from it taking me about a week to decide on a photo to use.  It was obviously going to be one of C but after 16 months we must have well over a thousand photos of her.

I thought I’d found one but when I uploaded it to the website I had a problem; the canvas wraps the picture around the edges so if you try and use a photo where a head is right up at the top, you’ll lose it.  Top marks to Truprint for having the feature on their website where you could see the actual part of the photo that would be on the front of the canvas, thereby being able to choose a photo that fits perfectly.

So having finally found a picture I was happy with and that fit well I went to checkout.  The price for a 12″x12″ canvas is £29.99 which is very reasonable from what I’ve seen of similar companies.

The delivery time was great, the canvas was ordered on Friday and delivered the following Wednesday.  It was really well packed and even came with a hook and screws to put it on the wall.

It’s a really nice canvas and the picture fits perfectly.  I would recommend Truprint and urge you to look on their website for gift ideas, especially with Christmas coming up.  I’ve just ordered 2 calendars, with pictures of C for each month, as gifts for C’s grandparents.  Make sure you look on the offers page too as I ordered the calendars at £14.99 each then when I looked on the offers page I could have used a code to get them for £9.99 each.  Oh well!

They do lots of different gift ideas from mugs to jigsaws and teddy bears.  Check out their website for lots more fun things too!


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