7 weeks to go

By | November 6, 2010

Weeks remaining: 7

Gifts purchased this week: 4

Do you realise it’s less than 50 days to go?  It’s a good job that this has been my best week yet on the present buying front then!

This year will be the first year that we’ve spent at home on Christmas Day.  Sure, we’ll be visiting parents and grandparents, but we’re actually having dinner at home for the first time.  We always said that as soon as we had children we’d stay at home but seeing as we’d only moved house 3 weeks before last Christmas we decided to play it safe and go to my parents.

I’m very lucky in that M helps out a great deal when preparing meals (hangover permitting!) so I’m hoping I won’t be stuck in the kitchen for hours on my own and missing all the fun.

But what do you have for Christmas dinner?  Traditionally we’d have prawn cocktail for starters then a regular Sunday lunch but I was thinking of something maybe a little different.

I’d love you to comment with any suggestions or send me a link to a recipe you’ve posted on your blog.


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