Our visit to Build-a-Bear

By | November 4, 2010

C and I were very lucky to have the chance to visit our local Build-a-Bear workshop at Meadowhall last week.  I’d never set foot inside the shop before so wasn’t sure what to expect. 

 At the front of the store was a member of staff greeting customers and advising them how everything worked if, like me, it was their first visit.  C and I were looked after by a lovely lady named Claire who explained the whole bear building procedure to us.

All the staff were really friendly and took their time to speak to C.  The bear stuffing machine was operated by another really nice lady who let C press the pedal, and made sure that the bears heart was nice and warm and that C gave it a good shake before it was sewn into our bear.  I think with older children they get to make a wish with the bears heart but even though C is too young to understand this she was still asked to help.

We then took our bear to the bear wash and fluffed up his fur before attempting to decide on an outfit for our still unnamed bear.  We eventually decided on a cute polka dot rain outfit and went to register our bear, get his birth certificate and pack him in a lovely box to take home.

All in all it was a fabulous experience.  C was a little overwhelmed as it was big and noisy with lots of ‘teds’ but she was really good and waved to the staff as we left.  I think she’ll love it in another year or so when she’ll be able to understand more.

She’s played lots with the bear, now nicknamed ‘rainy ted’, and loves taking his jacket and wellies off.  She’s also taken him to bed with her every night since we got him.

I’m sure we’ll be making more visits to Build-A-Bear.  I like the idea of making it a birthday treat for C and I’ve even been checking out the website for gifts for people.


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