OXO Tot reviews

By | November 23, 2010

I was sent some products from the new OXO Tot range for C and I to try out.  I didn’t really know anything about OXO (and it’s not the brand that makes stock cubes!) so was curious to find out more about them.

The first item we were sent was the Whale Pail.  First impressions of this was that it wasn’t really very big and I didn’t think it would fit too many of C’s bath toys in.  It is, however, very deceiving and fit lots more in than I originally thought.

It has drain holes at the bottom so you can put all the toys in there and rinse them under the tap, as well as holes in the side for ventilation and to make sure the toys can dry out.

The holder can be secured to the wall using either suction pads or more permanent sticky pads.  We’ve just used the suction pads and it’s very secure.

The only thing that’s not so great about this is the fact that the actual whale only really sits on the suctioned part.  It’s not a problem while it’s just stuck to the bath but when you have a wriggly 17 month old who wants to get at her toys and pulls on it, it falls off quite a lot.

The second item we were sent was the 4 piece feeding set.  I cannot rave about this enough, it really is great!  The plate has been used every single day since we received it and the bowl isn’t many uses behind.

The plate has a removable ring which is great if, like me, you have a toddler who’s just trying to get to grips with cutlery, and it has a non-slip bottom, as does the bowl.

The fork and spoon are nicely shaped and easy for little hands to hold.  C even managed to eat some soup all by herself for the first time while using the spoon so it’s clearly a winner in our house!

The whale pail has an RRP of £20.00 while the feeding set has an RRP of £15.00.  Both can be bought online at Amazon & John Lewis.  There is also an OXO UK website coming soon.


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