Review – Chimp & Zee game

By | November 17, 2010

We were recently sent the Chimp & Zee counting game, from Paul Lamond Games, to review.

According to the website, this game is for age 3 and up but, even at just 16 months, C was able to play with it.  She’s learning new words every day at the moment and this game was really good to reinforce that.  Even just laying some out and playing ‘where’s the…?’ was really fun for her.

She’s nowhere near learning numbers yet but at least that means that this game should have a fairly long life span in our house.  This game will be able to teach her counting, objects, maths, matching and I’m sure you could come up with other games too

It comes with a poster which can be used for matching games and also doubles as a height chart. 

The RRP for this is £6.99 but at the moment it’s £5.98 on Amazon.  I think that’s great value as you could spend hours playing with this.  It even comes in a decent box to keep all the pieces in when you’ve done playing with it.

There are lots of different Chimp & Zee games.  I particularly like the look of Zoo Who and Silly Socks.  I can definitely see us buying more of these games.


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