The Co-operative Membership Fund

By | November 29, 2010

Do you have a local Co-op?  I’m sure lots of you do.  Do you have a membership card there?  I do and use it to collect points when I shop.  I then receive a statement showing my share of profits, based on my points, with a voucher to spend, every 6 months.  If you look closely at this statement you’ll notice that a percentage of your share of profits may be going to something called The Co-operative Community Fund

The fund is made up of donations from members who have chosen to give a percentage of their twice-yearly share of the profits. This year The Co-operative Members have donated £1.2 million to local community groups across the country

The Co-operative Community Fund operates on a truly local level.  The money each region has to give is the money that members have donated in their area. Projects are allocated by postcode.

Grants vary from a minimum of £100 to a maximum of £2,000 and groups have to apply for the funding – application form is available on the Co-op website. 

The Cooperative Membership Fund

To be successful a group must carry out positive work in the community (it doesn’t need to have charitable status).  Being a mum, the sort of things I think of when I read this are playgrounds and places for children and young people.  There is a skate park in the village a few miles away from where I live and I think it would be great for our village to have something like this. 

There are a few parks and playgrounds in our village but these are aimed at the under 10’s so a skate/bmx park would give the older kids something to do.

A successful project must:

  • Address a community issue
  • Provide a long-term benefit to the community
  • Support co-operative values and principles
  •  Ideally be innovative in its approach

You can apply for a grant from The Co-operative Community Fund here

The Cooperative Membership Fund


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