What would you do with £40,000?

By | November 3, 2010

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A whole £40,000?  The sensible part of my brain says that I would pay off the majority of my mortgage and maybe go on a lovely family holiday but that’s not very exciting is it?

What would I really like to do with it?  I’d love for somebody to come and finish renovating my house for me, I’d buy a new car and go on holiday.  I’d do some serious shopping too, especially with Christmas edging closer.

First stop would be Toys R Us http://www.toysrus.co.uk/index.jsf where I’d buy C a trampoline so she can stop bouncing on our bed.  I could then head over to   http://www.halfords.com/ and get us all new bikes, and one of those trailer things for C.

Woolworths is back online at http://www.woolworths.co.uk/ where I’d get C some more toys and maybe some clothes.  Obviously she hasn’t got enough of either of these!  And for some nice, comfy clothes for me and M I’d head to http://store.nike.com/ for a snuggly hoodie for the winter.

I’d visit http://www.dell.co.uk/ to get myself a pretty new laptop (have you seen the funky designs you can have?!) and then http://www.napster.co.uk/ on said pretty new laptop to get some cool tunes.

But this isn’t just a dream you know.  You really could win £40,000 just by paying for something with paypal.  The more things you buy using paypal, the more chances you’ll get to win as it’s a weekly draw.  Find out more about the competition at www.paypal.co.uk/win.  It’s that simple, and there are so many retailers who let you pay using paypal now that you’ll get lots of draw entries!

Full terms and conditions for the competition can be found over at https://www.paypal-marketing.co.uk/win/terms/ 

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