Our visit to The Tropical Butterfly House

By | December 13, 2010

On Saturday we took C to the Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife & Falconry Centre near Sheffield.  Every weekend until 19th December, then daily from 20-24th, they’re hosting their ‘Stables & Sleigh Bells’ event.  It’s quite local to us but we’d never been before.

C was happy the instant we got out of the car as there were 2 tractors in the car park.  I’d been showing her some pictures from the website & she seemed quite taken with the owls.  As it happens these were the first animals we saw and she consequently stood there for 5 minutes pointing and saying owl before we eventually persuaded her that there were other things to see.

We went round the corner to see a goat poking its head through the fence waiting for us.  C would have quite happily stroked it but I’ve heard enough stories about goats so kept her at a distance!  We then went into a barn where there were all different types of chickens, and a rather large turkey, just wandering about.

We made our way to the butterfly house, but not before stopping to feed 2 marmosets on our way with fruit that was left out for visitors to use.  The butterfly house was lovely.  There was a rather large lizard (sorry, no idea what it was!) just walking about among the visitors, as well as birds, bats, terrapins, fish and, of course, butterflies, although C’s favourite thing in there seemed to be the bridge.

We then went to catch a sleigh ride to go and see Santa.  When we first arrived at the Centre, we got the option of paying £5 for C to get a gift from Santa, or she could just go and see him and get some chocolate.  We chose to pay the £5 and gave our ticket to the elf when we arrived at Santa’s grotto.

C was quite wary of Santa and refused to sit on his knee so unfortunately we didn’t get any photos.  She was, however, quite happy to receive her gift which was a cute pink fluffy elephant that she has now named Santa!

It was a really lovely visit and I’m sure we’ll visit again although I think we’ll go when it’s a little warmer next time.  C is a huge animal fan so she really enjoyed herself and I was quite impressed with the little things such as the fruit to feed the monkeys. 

Normal entrance fees are £7.50 for adults, £6.50 for children & under 3’s go free.  Included in the Christmas event ticket is the entrance to Santa’s grotto for the children and adults get a voucher for a mince pie & mulled wine in the cafe.

We received free entrance to The Tropical Butterfly House in exchange for this review.


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