SplashAbout Apres Splash Hooded Towel

By | December 8, 2010

When I was pregnant I bought a couple of hooded baby towels for C.  I loved them, they were fantastic to snuggle her up in but, unfortunately, they only lasted a few months and we’ve had to use a regular towel for her ever since.

So when the nice people at SplashAbout offered to send me their Apres Splash hooded towel I jumped at the chance.  Its extra large size means that it lasts a lot longer than regular hooded towels which is great as it means I get to wrap C up properly again!

splash about hooded towel

C didn’t seem to be complaining!

The towel is made from thick cotton bamboo towelling which is naturally anti-bacterial and super absorbent.  It has either pink or turquoise piping and a little embroidered fish on the hood.

The towel usually retails at £19.99 but at the moment it has 15% off so you can get it for just £16.99.

If I had seen these towels when C was newborn I would have definitely bought them.  They might not be the cheapest towels on the market but when you compare how long they will last they’re actually great value.

The thing I want to know is, why don’t they make adult towels like this?


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