Dear So and So… The Technology Edition

By | January 21, 2011


Dear 2 year old HTC phone

We’ve had some good times, you and me, but I’m finally sick of you not letting me send e-mail even though you can receive them, changing the time by half an hour at the most inappropriate times, refusing to set the alarm off in a morning and generally being a pain.  I’d really appreciate it if you could try and work nicely, just until I can get a nice shiny new replacement.

Yours nostalgically, Emma


Dear internet

*Please* get it together.  I’m really fed up of not being able to use the laptop at the same time that M wants to go on the playstation and I’m getting rather bored of turning the router off and back on again 4 times every evening. We’ve just paid £50 to have a man move the phone line into the living room and I just might scream if it doesn’t work.

Yours hopefully, Emma


Dear Readers

This is my first ‘Dear So and So’.  I’ve enjoyed it & think I might do it again.

Thanks for reading, Emma

Dear So and So...


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