Ella’s Kitchen: A Review

By | January 6, 2011

If you have a small person who is older than a few months you’ll no doubt have stood in the baby aisle in the supermarket and been completely bamboozled by the choice in front of you.  We did baby-led weaning with C so never bought the jars or sachets of food but we have spent a small fortune on ‘snack’ products in the past year.

When I was asked if I’d like to be sent some products from Ella’s Kitchen I jumped at the chance.  Ella’s Kitchen was a brand I’d heard of but never actually tried before and from what I’d read on their website was more than happy to let C try them.

Ella’s Kitchen was set up by Paul Lindley (Ella’s dad) to make healthy products that were also fun, tasty and cool.  Just the packaging makes me want to buy the products, even more so when I read they’re also organic and healthy.

We were sent some of the snack range to try out.  We received some Bakey-Bakies, Stacks of Sticks and Pack ‘o’ Snacks.

I thought the Stacks of Sticks were just going to be regular breadsticks but they’re actually really thin ones.  C has always loved bread sticks and these didn’t disappoint.  I even tried a couple myself and have to say, they were very tasty.  They come in wholegrain flavour and orange ‘n’ pear, both of which were really nice.

The Bakey-Bakies we received were cheese ‘n’ spinach, and apple, raisin ‘n’ cinnamon flavour.  The cheese ‘n’ spinach flavour were really nice but we weren’t so keen on the other flavour which did slightly resemble little cardboard discs.  Even C, who is not at all fussy about her food, didn’t finish the bag.  I will try again with her though as we have a couple of bags left.

The final snack products we received were the Pack ‘o’ Snacks.  I always make sure I have a pack of raisins on me when we go anywhere but I do wonder if C gets bored of them.  The Pack ‘o’ Snacks are the perfect solution.  They come in three flavours ; the chompy one, the crumbly one and the chewy one. 

We were sent the chompy one (raisins, apricots, dates, apples and bananas) and the chewy one (raisins, cherries, strawberries and mangoes).  Personally I enjoyed the chewy one the most (well, I have to test them too!) although C seemed to really enjoy both flavours and I’ll definitely continue to buy these for her as an alternative to plain boxes of raisins.

We were also sent the pasta, rice and cooking sauces but we’re yet to try all these so will do another review soon.

You can check out the Ella’s Kitchen website for more information on these and all the other products.  The website also has a recipes section which I’ve bookmarked for future use, and a section showing where to buy all the different products as well as lots of other information and fun stuff.


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