Simple Baby: A Review

By | February 6, 2011

M is chief bather in our house and has always taken C in the bath with him.  When she was newborn we didn’t use any bath products on her for the first few weeks, just letting her splash around in plain water. 

When we introduced products into the bath we tended to buy one of the main baby brands or the supermarkets own brand.  Neither M or I suffer with any form of allergy or skin sensitivity and we’re lucky that C is the same.

For no particular reason, we never bought any Simple Baby products, so I was pleased to be asked if I’d like to be sent some to try out.

We received some wipes as well as some bath products; body wash, bubble bath and shampoo.  I love the wipes, they’re really moist and just the right thickness with a lovely fragrance too.

The bath products were put under scrutiny by M.  He was very impressed with the body wash, even using it on himself.  He informs me it made just the right amount of bubbles, smelled nice and made his skin soft (yes, he’s a bit girly about things like that!).  We were similarly pleased with the bubble bath which produced some nice bubbles without having to pour half the bottle in as we’ve found with some other bubble baths.  The shampoo gets a thumbs up too. It lathered up nicely and made C’s hair smell lovely.

Overall we were very impressed with the range of Simple Baby products and I’ll definitely buy them in the future.  I actually looked at them in a local shop a few days ago and was surprised to see they were as cheap to buy as the shop’s own brand of products. 

Oh, and from C’s point of view they were great as they had teddies on the bottles!



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