By | February 28, 2011

Wow, it doesn’t seem like two minutes since I did the post Ten to mark C turning 10 months old but now here we are at 20 months.  That’s 1 & 2/3… eek!

So much has changed since I wrote that post.  At 10 months C wasn’t even crawling, instead preferring to shuffle round on her bum.  She actually only crawled properly after learning to walk.  Now she’s running around and much prefers to walk rather than being in her pushchair.  We try and let her walk when we can, the furthest she’s gone is about a mile which I was so impressed with.  It does take twice as long to get anywhere but she’ll get faster, I hope!

Back then she said a couple of words; dada, mama, jay (the dog) and now we must have hundreds, even speaking in short sentences.  She’s also learning to count; she can count up to ten apart from missing 7 & 8 out!  We’re attempting colours too which she sometimes gets right but often doesn’t.

We’ve just moved her into a big girl bed which seems to be going well, although nap times aren’t so great.  Shes been going off to sleep fine and sleeping through the night as usual.  I don’t know whether we’re saying goodbye to afternoon naps just yet or whether she’ll get used to her bed and be OK again.  Time will tell I suppose.

She’s mostly a treasure to have around.  She loves to make people laugh and if she pulls a funny face that makes us smile she’ll do it again and again.  Admittedly we are getting a few tantrums if she doesn’t get her own way but they aren’t anything major just yet.  She amazes us on an almost daily basis with the things she does or what she says.  Just small things really, like a couple of days ago she picked up a purple feather, brought it to me and said purple.  Not amazing in itself but I’m fairly certain I’ve not taught her purple and M says he hasn’t either.

I wonder what things C will learn in the next 10 months.  I’m sure they’ll be even more fun than the past ten, I’ll let you know!

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