BushBaby Minipack: A Review

By | March 7, 2011

Now C is 20 months old she’s at the stage where she wants to walk rather than be in her pushchair.  We’re lucky to live in an area where there’s lots of countryside and walks away from road so she is being allowed to walk more and more.

Obviously I also need to try and teach her about road safety too so I need to let her walk when we’re near the roads.  I’d been looking at getting her some form of harness but wasn’t really keen on the regular kind.

In a case of great timing, I was given the opportunity to review a MiniPack from BushBaby.  We’ve been using this since just before Christmas and we love it.

C is very independent and I didn’t think she’d like being ‘on a lead’ if I just went with a harness but with the minipack she’s able to take a toy or book on her travels with her and doesn’t seem to mind being attached to us.  It’s also handy for us to pop a nappy and some wipes in there to save having to take a change bag with us.

The lead can easily be clipped off when she’s safe to walk on her own, without having to mess about removing the whole thing and there’s a reflector for added night-time safety.  The bag is fastened around the waist too so no chance for it to slip off a toddlers shoulders.

Our minipack is used all the time.  It gets taken to C’s grandparents when they look after her and I’m sure it’ll get used even more when the weather gets warmer.

I’d recommend this product without hesitation.  The RRP is £16 and a quick google shows this is reasonable for a toddler backpack.


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