Chatterpants pinafore dress: A review

By | March 31, 2011

The lovely people at Chatterpants recently sent C a gorgeous cotton pinafore dress.  The Camellia dress is 100% cotton with cute shoulder buttons and a flounce hem.

It’s such a pretty dress and can be worn all year round as either a summer dress on it’s own or with a long sleeved t-shirt & tights for cooler weather.  Or if you’re an impatient toddler it must be worn straight on top of whatever you happen to be wearing the instant it arrives in the post.

It’s still a bit large for C just yet but I’m sure we’ll get lots of use out of it soon.

If you haven’t checked out the Chatterpants website you must do so immediately!  Their slogan is ‘Playclothes for Preschoolers’ and I adore absolutely everything on their website.  All the clothing is made out of natural fabrics and is in bright colours which I love.  Their ranges are available from newborn to 5-6 years.


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