Operation: Big Girl Bed

By | March 1, 2011

Day One

Naptime:  Not good.  Lots of tears as she decided she didn’t want to sleep but I kept putting her back in bed.  She eventually half fell asleep cuddling me and I transferred her to bed where she slept for an hour instead of her usual two.  She still looked tired but I brought her downstairs only for her to jump on sofa and fall asleep.

Bedtime: Put C down with her teddies, no tears.  10 minutes later she’s crying at the stair gate.  Take her back to bed & bad mummy forgot a teddy the first time round.  Tuck her back in with the missing teddy and straight to sleep!  Woke at 8am as usual.

Day Two

Naptime: Even worse than yesterday.  Eventually gave up so she didn’t get a nap today.

Bedtime: Asleep in 2 minutes.  Didn’t get up once but awake earlier than normal at 6.30am, think that’s because I went in her room and disturbed her.

Day Three

Naptime: Went swimming and C fell asleep in car so no nap attempts in bed today.

Bedtime: Due to swimming & short nap we put her down at 7pm and she went straight to sleep.  Slept all night again but woke early.

Day Four

Naptime:  Really needed her to have a nap today as we were at a christening at 3pm.  Put her down but she kept getting out of bed.  Took her back 5 or 6 times and she went to sleep.  Happy mummy!

Bedtime: Fine again

Day Five

Naptime: She got up once before going to sleep.  I think she’s got it!

So it took 5 days for her to get used to it which I think is brilliant.  It will definitely make life easier when it comes to camping and holidays, and it’s really nice to have her come in to us in a morning for a cuddle in bed!



mummy@bodfortea on March 4, 2011 at 6:18 am.

Well done you! How old is she by the way? I’m wondering when to take the sides off DD’s cot to make it a bed…
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Emma on March 5, 2011 at 7:47 am.

She’s 20 months. Go for it – if it doesn’t work out you can always put the sides back on and try again in a few months. How old is your DD?