Wrigleys 5 Flood

By | March 22, 2011

M is always chewing.  If he’s not asleep or eating then he’ll have chewing gum in his mouth.  Is that a male thing?  I can’t chew for longer than ten minutes before it makes my jaw ache.

When things arrive through the post they’re usually for me or C so when I told him there was something for him he was a little excited!  He had received a packet of 5 from Wrigley in their new flavour, Flood, which is a berry flavour, to try out.


Taking his reviewing responsibilities seriously, he took them to the pub on Saturday afternoon to try out with his mates.  Here are their thoughts:

  • Nice flavour, makes a change from the usual minty ones
  • The gum is a bit big but this isn’t too bad as half a stick is sufficient, making the packet last even longer
  • Funky looking packet

And there you have it!  There isn’t really too much you can say about chewing gum though is there?  He did like it and he’s going to try out the other flavours next.

The gum retails at £1.02 RRP which I personally think is quite expensive for 12 sticks but if you do what M suggested and eat them half at a time then it is better value.


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