Morrck Splasha – A review

By | May 18, 2011

We were recently sent Morrck Splasha towelling wrap, in preparation for our camping trips.  On seeing the package C decided she needed to put it on immediately and her ‘towel suit’, as it’s been christened, has become her favourite thing to put on after her bath whether we’re camping or not.  It also has a cute little pocket on the front, which kids don’t love pockets?

We did go camping a couple of weeks ago and the Splasha came with us.  It was really handy after the showers as I could just slip the towel on her with a pair of flip flops and she could walk back to the tent, rather than try to get her dressed in a damp, cramped shower cubicle.  The couple we were camping with loved it too and asked if they did adult size versions!

The Splasha comes in 2 designs, pink spot and blue stripe, and in ages 1-3, 3-5 and 5-7 years.  It costs £19.95 on the Morrck website.

I personally think the Splasha is great.  Ours will fit C for quite a while yet but I’ll definitely be buying the next size up when I need to. 

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