The one about Pyjamas

By | May 3, 2011

It’s funny how the things that indicate your child is growing up aren’t the things you’d expect.

Last night, C went to bed in pyjamas.  Proper big girl pyjamas.  For the last 22 months of her life she’s slept in babygros so last night marked the end of yet another ‘baby’ aspect of her life. 

It made me happy yet sad at the same time.  She is so remarkable at the moment, coming out with things on an almost hourly basis that make us laugh but it does make me a bit sad that she’s not a baby anymore.

I would like to be able to stop time.  She’s at a great age; chattering away, learning new things daily, beginning to develop a sense of humour, and part of me doesn’t want this bit to end.  I don’t want her to stop talking long enough to watch a film or become self-conscious about singing rhymes at the top of her voice in the supermarket.  I want to keep my baby just a little longer.


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