I’m a Parrot: Book review

By | June 22, 2011

We’re really pleased to have recently been chosen as book reviewers for Top That! Publishing.  I’ve said on my blog before that C adores books so this is a great role for us.

Our first package arrived when we were away on holiday and contained 2 books, one of them being I’m a Parrot by Simon Mayor and Hilary James.

The book is about a parrot who likes to say things twice, which C found really funny.  The illustrations are big and bright so captured her imagination.  The whole story is written as a song (and it does have an accompanying CD) whereby it has verses and a chorus that it repeats.  I like this as the repetition seemed to make C smile as, after only one read through of the book, it already felt familiar to her.

C wasn’t too interested in the CD but she’s still a little young for it yet.  I’m sure in another year she’ll enjoy listening to it!

Even without the CD we really enjoyed this book and it’s regularly pulled out of her bookshelf for us to read so gets a thumbs up from C!


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