Our garden: Look how far we’ve come

By | June 17, 2011

I don’t think I’ve ever done a proper post on our garden.  It’s quite a large garden, it’s one of the reasons we wanted to move here, but a large garden that is a mess to start with is a huge amount of work. 

We moved into our new home in December 2009 and at that point the garden was the last thing on our minds.  The house itself needed a lot of work doing – new doors and windows, every room plastering, new boiler and radiators – not to mention the small things like decorating, and with a 5 month old baby the inside of the house was the priority. 

In the spring of 2010, after 6 months solid of work on the inside and me, quite honestly, never wanting to see a paintbrush ever again, we set to work on the garden.  To say it didn’t go smoothly was an understatement.  We borrowed a friends mini digger which broke and was stuck on the garden for a month, we broke the rotavator so that set us back.  Trees needed cutting down and burning, the ground was full of rocks and bricks which needed loading up and taking to the rubbish tip, it seemed never-ending.

We finally got the garden ready to be seeded just as the snow was forecast so we decided to put it all on hold again and wait for the spring.  That finally came, the seed was scattered and, finally, we almost have a lawn.  We also laid a patio, by ourselves.  Not a small patio either; I think it’s about 100 m2 and I’m certain my arms were about 2 inches longer after we’d finished carrying the slabs around. 

It’s been a long 18 months and there’s still work to do but at least C has somewhere to run around and play now which is all we really wanted!

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