Our week at Butlins

By | June 8, 2011

We’ve been back from our holiday for over a week now but I’m only just getting time to properly write about it.

We went to Butlins at Skegness.  It’s not too far from us really and we have family there so get to visit them at the same time.  We went this time last year but C was barely crawling back then so she couldn’t really join in with anything.  She still wasn’t too interested in joining in this year but at least she could have fun on the soft play.

She loved the swimming pool this year but got quite frustrated when me or M wouldn’t let her go in the deeper bits.  She didn’t really understand that she wouldn’t touch the bottom and simply wanted us to ‘get off her’.  Nice.

We suspect she was a bit poorly at the beginning of the week and was quite mardy meaning our nights mostly ended up with us being back in the apartment for 9.30pm.  It saved us some money anyway!

She enjoyed the carousel and the animal train rides on the funfair and her favourite part of the holiday was probably when we won her a ‘prize’ on the teddy machines.

We visited the Natureland seal sanctuary which C loved.  She thought the penguins were hilarious and had great fun feeding some sheep.

It was a lovely week away despite it not really being warm enough to get on the beach.  C really enjoyed herself but is at a funny age where she wants to do things and join in but she’s not really old enough.  No doubt we’ll be coming back again next year though!


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