Pesto from Sacla: A review

By | June 7, 2011

Although Sacla produce many products, their most well known must be their pesto.  If you’d asked me a few months ago what I thought about pesto my answer would probably have been ‘it’s green’. 

How wrong was I?  So far I’ve tried classic basil (the green one), fiery chilli, wild garlic and sun-dried tomato flavour.  A quick nosy around their website also tells me they do chargrilled aubergine, wild rocket, fresh coriander and roasted red pepper flavours too.

I now officially love pesto.  It turns some boring pasta into a fab meal – one of my current favourites is spaghetti with pesto, prawns and rocket.  With all the different flavours available you can cook practically the same meal but make it different just by adding a different flavour pesto.  It’s genius.

You can find lots more recipes on Sacla’s website. 

I was sent 4 jars of Sacla pesto to review

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