When I Dream of ABC: Book review

By | June 27, 2011

My next book I received from Top That Publishing was When I Dream of ABC, by Henry Fisher.

My first impression was that it looked really nice but that it seemed quite a long book and I wondered whether it would hold C’s attention. 

Although it is a fairly thick book for a toddler, you turn the pages quite quickly so there is a lot for children to look at.  The book goes through the alphabet, each letter showing you a different creature that could be encountered in a dreamworld, from clowns to robots to vampires.  The illustrations are lovely, if a little unusual for an ABC book, and definitely made a refreshing change from ‘A is for apple’.

I thought the text was really funny but the humour is probably wasted on younger children.  Being just 2, C is a little young to appreciate the learning aspect of it just yet but I hope by regularly reading the book to her it may help her out when she does start to learn.

This book is a finalist in the current People’s Book Prize.  If you’ve read it and enjoyed it you can vote for it here.  Voting closes on 21st July 2011.


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