Nurseries and nappies

By | July 20, 2011

Today was C’s first session at nursery.  She’s only just turned 2 but appears quite forward for her age so we wanted to send her there for a few hours just so she can mix with the other children really.

We’ve also been toilet training for around 6 weeks and this was the main thing concerning me about nursery.  C is doing great at home or at her grandparents but I knew she would more than likely be too shy to tell the people who work at nursery when she needed to go.

So, in todays 5 hour session at nursery she had 3 accidents.  There could have been more but the staff put her in a pull-up after accident #3 as she had no more clean clothes.  By the last accident she did apparently tell someone she needed to go but it was too late.

I’ve been preparing her for nursery for the last week and telling her, every single time I’ve took her to the toilet, that she must ask the nice ladies to take her when she’s at nursery, but it appears her shyness has been a bigger factor. 

I feel a bit guilty as she’s only 2 years & 3 weeks and I kind of think we’re expecting too much of her.  We never forced the toilet training, that was all her, but to combine that with nursery is a big thing for a 2 year old.

My dilemma now is do I continue sending her to nursery in knickers with lots of changes of clothes or do I give in a little and send her in pull-ups?  Part of me thinks knickers, as she will learn that she needs to ask for the toilet and I don’t want to go backwards, but the other part wonders if it’s causing her more distress than necessary, especially with trying to settle in to nursery anyway and I should just opt for pull-ups for a while.

This parenting business is hard sometimes.



ladyofessex on July 21, 2011 at 6:43 pm.

I personally would carry on sending her in knickers as I’m a firm believer in following through with something once you’ve started it and she’s been doing so fantastically!

Some people might think I’m harsh but friends of mine are still having PT problems due to stop-starting several times.

Was C very distressed by the accidents? Obviously you won’t want her to be really upset whilst she’s getting used to going to nursery but I would say the fact she asked on her 3rd accident (albeit a little too late) was a great sign that she’s already adjusting to asking someone different & getting over a bit of her shyness.

Whatever you decide, I hope it works out well for you :-)

Emma on July 22, 2011 at 2:07 pm.

Thanks for your comment. I do feel exactly the same as you and don’t want to go back on everything we’ve achieved with her so far,I think I sometimes question my judgement a little.

She doesn’t seem to be too bothered when she wets herself. She’s very matter-of-fact and just asks for some clean knickers!

I will carry on as I was. Fingers crossed she will be a little better next week!