The 2nd day at Nursery

By | July 27, 2011

Today was C’s second session at nursery.  I was hopeful that there would be improvements in the toilet area from last week’s session but still packed her 3 clean sets of knickers and trousers, just in case.

We got there nice and early, hung her bag and coat up but she then refused toast and didn’t want to let go of my hand.  A few minutes later I told her I was leaving which was met with cries of ‘I don’t want you to go to work, Mummy’.  All I really wanted to do was stay and cuddle her but knew that wouldn’t be helpful so left her with one of the staff and walked out the door.

I arrived at work a short while later and tweeted my worries to the world.  I was immediately reassured by the very lovely Anna, Karen and Sarah that C would be fine, my worries were perfectly normal and within a few weeks I’d be annoyed when she didn’t want me to stay with her.

I sat on my hands until 10.30am when I rang to check how she was.  She was, apparently, absolutely fine.  There had been a couple of teary moments which had quickly been sorted and the best news?  She’d just been for a wee on the toilet.

Hearing this I was sure she was ok and finally stopped worrying.  My mum collected her after lunch and I was really pleased to hear that she’d had no toilet accidents for the whole session.  She even made a new friend who she’d been chatting away to for most of the morning and they’d been making the staff laugh.

I know we’ll still have tears when I drop her off in future but I’m a lot happier that she’s settling in now.  I haven’t had my first painting for the fridge yet though!


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