Toilet training update

By | July 7, 2011

I’ve not really mentioned C’s toilet training a lot, either on here or on Twitter,  as I figured it’s not really exciting reading.  But actually, I’m really proud of her and want to write that down.

We’ve only been toilet training for 3 weeks and it’s going brilliantly.  Yes, there have been accidents but she only turned 2 last week so I didn’t expect otherwise.  At the time of writing we’ve had one accident in the past week which I’m thrilled about, especially as this weekend was spent camping in Filey and a lot of the days were spent out & about.

We’re still putting her in a pull-up for her nap but they’ve all seemed dry when she’s woke up for the past couple of weeks so I just need to get her a waterproof sheet for her bed and we’ll be trying nappy free naps as well. 

I’m aware that by pressing publish I’ve probably jinxed myself and she’ll go backwards but, for now, I’m a very proud mum.


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