A Lego Duplo Expert review: The one with the Barry’s

By | August 3, 2011

As you probably know by now, we’re really lucky to be Lego Duplo experts.  We’ve been sent a few different sets now.  We’ve had the Dump Truck, which contained our original Barry (as named by a then 18 month old) and Baby Zoo, with Betty the zoo keeper.

These were our first experiences with Duplo and C has had hours of fun playing with them, regularly taking Barry & Betty out with us, with maybe a giraffe or an elephant for company.

A little while later, we were sent the Fire Truck, which brought us ‘Fireman Barry’, the Police Truck, with ‘Policeman Barry’ and ‘Naughty Barry’ and finally, Play with Letters, which included ‘little Betty’.

All the Duplo has really seemed to encourage C’s imagination and, despite only just turning 2, she loves to act things out where she takes the animals for a ride in the back of the police truck, or little Betty puts out the fire that’s just started on top of the house.

The Play with Letters set will be great as she gets older and starts recognising words and I’m sure the Duplo will be played with for years to come, with more eleborate role play as C gets older.

I’ve no doubt that the Duplo will last and what’s great about it is that when C gets older and has Lego, the Duplo can still be used as it all fits.  Brilliant!


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