Baby Bear and the Big Wide World: Book review

By | August 25, 2011

Another book we received from Top That Publishing is Baby Bear and the Big, Wide World.  In contrast to the previous books we’ve reviewed, this one was not bright and colourful but full of lovely, soft drawings of snow and polar bears.

The story is about Baby Bear who is curious about the Big, Wide World and goes out to explore.  He finds out that the Big, Wide World is rather a lonely place and makes him feel very small, until he finds a little friend to explore it with.  It’s a sweet story about friendship and sharing adventures.

It’s a really lovely story, perfect for bedtime and is asked for a lot in our house at the moment.  I did wonder if the more plain artwork might mean C would be less interested but the story on it’s own is enough to keep her captivated which is great.

The story is a good length for us; not too short that it’s over in two minutes but not too long that a toddler will lose interest.

It gets a definite thumbs up.


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