Unique Editions Personalised Books

By | August 17, 2011

C loves books.  If it was up to her we’d probably sit and read every book on her bookshelf before she got bored.

When Unique Editions contacted me and asked if I’d like to make her a personalised book I couldn’t type the reply fast enough.  I knew she’d love having a book all about her!

I ordered the book just before C’s birthday.  You can include a message at the front of the book so we had ‘Happy 2nd Birthday C, love Mummy & Daddy’ which I thought was a great idea as it means the child will always remember when they received the book and who it was from.

There are 6 different stories to choose from, some of which there is the option for the story to be about the child plus a sibling, aimed at different age groups.  We chose ‘The enchanted garden of…’ as we’ve been doing a lot of gardening with C this summer so thought it quite appropriate.

Once the book was chosen and added to basket, I uploaded a photo of C to be used in the book and completed the personalisation.

A preview of the completed book was e-mailed to me the same day and the finished book was received about a week later, which we wrapped up for C’s birthday.

She was so excited to see her face on the book and loves it being read to her.  It’s really good quality and is definitely a book that will be kept forever.

Six weeks later, she still gets the book out almost every day.  It’s been on holiday with us and regularly gets taken to her grandparents in her little bag.

These books make wonderful gifts and I’m now trying to figure out how to get a secret photo of my Godson so I can get him one for Christmas!

The books are available for 23.50 euros, with E book versions costing 6.99 euros.


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