So this is the terrible two’s?

By | September 6, 2011

For the past 6 months we’ve had tantrums from C.  Not very often but when she has one it’s good, or bad, depending on how you look at it.  I admit, I was feeling a bit smug. We could take C out and she rarely misbehaved.  Tantrums were usually reserved for times of tiredness.

Something has changed.

She has started to make demands for everything.  A ‘no’ or even a ‘wait a minute’ results in instant tears and shouting, dare to not pick her up when she asks and she will immediately drop to the floor.

This evening she went outside to play on her trampoline.  All was fine until she wanted to come back in the house and decided she needed me or M to go and get her.  Not being pushovers, we told her she got herself there, she could come back herself.  In C’s eyes this was definitely the wrong answer.  The next 10 minutes were spent sat, crying on the trampoline while shouting ‘come and fetch me’.  Still not wanting to be a pushover I reminded her that she was perfectly capable of walking back in the house herself and came back inside.

Now the trouble with this approach is that C can be very stubborn.  So stubborn that when I went and told her if I had to go and fetch her she would be going straight to bed she still wouldn’t come inside by herself.  Starting to worry about what the neighbours thought of my screaming child, I gave in.  I grabbed C, marched inside, threw her pyjamas on her and took her to bed.  It was 6.30pm, an hour earlier than her normal bed time.

I don’t enjoy being at war with the child.  Please tell me she’ll start being nice again soon.



Toddling into Madness on September 7, 2011 at 12:50 pm.

We had the occasional ones and then 2 weeks ago he turned 2…. Today the tantrum lasted 45 mins inside the gymnastic class which was 45 mins long plus 15 mins before and 15 mins after because of wait – no you can’t play with the balloon and no we can’t be a crocodile we’ve got to be an elephant. I’m hoping it’s a very short phase
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Ella on September 7, 2011 at 1:05 pm.

When my eldest started tantrums at first I gave in which was a disaster, he became more and more demanding. So my next approach was to be firm and oh boy the first few tantrums were earth shattering ! Often going for an hour he would really test the boundaries but once he realised I wasn’t caving he stopped all but the rare few.
My next child I was wise too and although he has the occasional hissy fit he usually doesn’t bother cos he knows it won’t work.
I am expecting my daughter to be a harder nut to crack if she’s anything like me. But got a few years before she reaches that age to prepare.
Sounds like you did just the right thing.
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