No More Nappies

By | November 29, 2011

A few weeks ago, we put C to bed as normal only for her to appear at the top of the stairs a few minutes later with nothing on her bottom half.

As I went upstairs to put her back in bed, she informed me that she no longer wanted to wear ‘baby nappies’ and that she was a big girl.  As she’s only been toilet trained since the summer I disagreed but once C has an idea in her head she’s very stubborn so I let her go back to bed, nappy-free, thinking that when she wet the bed I could explain she wasn’t quite a big enough girl just yet.

You can imagine how amazed I was when she got up the next morning, completely dry.

A month later and we have had a few accidents but generally she’s been brilliant.  If it was up to me I’d have waited until next spring to try her through the night but, as she decided she wanted to toilet train during the day virtually by herself, I should have known it would be her decision, not mine.

I’m so proud, and a little shocked, that at 29 months she’s not in nappies anymore.  It seems like a good excuse to have another baby doesn’t it?!


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