The one about Christmas

By | December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas!  Yes, I know it’s a bit late – I haven’t blogged since 18th December, probably the longest I’ve gone since starting this blog, but the week running up to Christmas was super busy with decorating as well as all the usual Christmas preparations and we’ve since enjoyed a few days chilling and doing family things with virtually no time for me to get on the computer.  I thought I ought to update the blog though, for me as much as anything!

Christmas Day started off well with C being super excited to find that Father Christmas had been and left her a nice big pile of presents but we soon realised she wasn’t herself when, halfway through opening her gifts, she declared she was fed up of opening presents, her head hurt and she wanted a rest.  A quick cuddle from daddy and she was sick on him.  A little lie down later and she felt up to opening the rest of her presents but asked to lie down again soon after and fell asleep within about 30 seconds.  She *never* just falls asleep so she must have been feeling fairly awful.

She napped on and off for about 3 hours – completely missing her Christmas dinner – then was sick again around 3pm.  Thankfully, she perked up after this and we were able to have a walk to see her grandparents.

She has since been fine but I felt so awful for her being ill.  She’s never ill so for it to happen on Christmas Day just seemed so unfair.

She was happy with her presents though – her main one being an easel – but the one she was most excited about was her dinosaur.

She has since had lots of fun making lots of mess, meaning we had a trip to Ikea to buy more storage.  She has to be supervised with the easel at the moment but I think she’ll get lots of use out of it over the next few years.

We’ve had a nice few days, involving too much food and too much alcohol, but it’s been great.  C understood so much more this year and it makes it all so magical.

And I don’t have work until January 3rd!


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jenny Paulin on December 29, 2011 at 10:42 pm.

i have only jut blogged about mine too and i have taken a few days off tweeting and blogging because i just needed too i think everything was so hectic the last few weeks!
so sorry that C was so ill dears of her – but glad she is making great use of her easel and showing her artistic streak x
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