The Tangle Fairy: Book review

By | December 6, 2011

When I opened an envelope and saw a book called The Tangle Fairy inside, I knew it was going to be perfect for us before I’d even glanced inside the cover.

C has crazy, curly hair that is always knotty so this book was actually something she could relate to.

It tells the story of Jaya, a little girl who, despite brushing her hair nicely at bedtime, always wakes to a head full of tangles the next day.  Her mum tells her it’s the Tangle Fairy so Jaya stays awake to have words with the Tangle Fairy who tells her stories about why she must put the tangles in her hair.

It’s a lovely story and one that C really enjoys.  We’ve only had the book about a week but it’s been read a few times already.  It’s a rhyming book which I always find easier to read aloud and C seems to enjoy listening to.

The illustrations in the book are really nice and the story really captured C’s imagination.  She’ll now think she has a Tangle Fairy visit her every night!

The Tangle Fairy is written by Seema Barker and illustrated by Kirsten Richards and is available to buy from Top That Publishing.


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Susan Mann on December 9, 2011 at 5:40 pm.

This book is adorable. I think it looks so cute. x
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