My Week That Was…: 13-19 February 2012

By | February 20, 2012

I was reading Jenny’s blog last Monday when I saw that she had joined in with Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three‘s linky.  I will admit I’ve been a bit rubbish at blog reading just lately so this was the first time I’d come across this but I really like the idea!  After all, the reason I started blogging was to have a record to look back on to see what we’d been up to and how C was growing up.

The idea is simple – write about what you’ve been up to this week!  Let’s see how uninteresting my life is then!

Monday was a work day so I went to work (duh) while C spent the day at her grandparents, as she does every week.

Tuesday (repeat as above) except it was Valentines Day which meant… nothing really.  I was bought some red roses but they were from my mum rather than my husband.  He did get me some boxes of Lucky Charms though which are better than flowers in my opinion.

I was at work again on Wednesday but C was at preschool today.  I wrote a post last week, preschool problems, about how C hated being left recently but thankfully she was much better this week.  I do think a lot of it was down to one of the members of staff who isn’t in their room very often who was talking to her and distracting her as I was leaving.  She made us a wonderful feather picture that is now stuck on the fridge.

Thursday was mostly spent at home.  We called at a friends for a cuppa and a chat but then spent the rest of the day was spent having fun, drawing and doing jigsaws.  I even managed to do some housework.

We didn’t have a very exciting day on Friday.  I spent about 4 hours painting the ceiling in the spare room which wasn’t much fun at all.  Of that 4 hours, only about 90 minutes was actually spent painting, the rest was due to having to keep stopping to see what C wanted, take her for a wee (and I may have had a tea break in between coats).

M finishes work at midday on a Friday so we went for a walk with the dogs that afternoon and called at my parents for a drink.

On Saturday morning M was working again so it was just me and C for a few hours.  We had pancakes for breakfast then had a lazy morning, not getting dressed until noon.  When M got back from work he went to a friend of ours who was selling a bouncy castle.  It’s not a huge one but it’s perfect for C, who’s spent pretty much the rest of the weekend on it!

I had thought Sunday was going to be a lazy day but should have known M thought otherwise!  After starting our day with pancakes again we then spent the majority of the day in the garden building an L-shaped raised bed around one corner of the patio (well, M was building, I mostly passed tools and held bits of wood).

I managed to escape for an hour or so to cook a yummy roast chicken dinner but we ended up outside til 5pm.  The raised bed is finished though, we just need it filling.

So, that was my week.  It ended up being quite busy really.  How was yours?



jenny Paulin on February 20, 2012 at 3:19 pm.

awww i am glad to have introduced you to this linky which is such an obvious but perfect one to join in with, for the exact reason you stated!
i see C likes The Gruffalo then? Burton loves watching the film at his granma’s just recently – we don’t have anything Gruffalo at home so i think i will have to invest in a book or a puzzle at least! (love C’s hat in that photo btw!)
Her feather drawing is lovely I am still waiting for Burton to bring home a work or art from nursery!
so really after a slow start your week turned out to be a busy one with lots happening and your garden is coming along nicely isn’t it? xx
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Emma on February 21, 2012 at 9:48 am.

Yes, it definitely turned into a busy one!

C loves the Gruffalo and knows parts of the book which is funny when I’m reading it and she joins in!

Katie @mummydaddyme on February 20, 2012 at 8:19 pm.

Thanks for joining in. Is that bouncy castle yours to keep? One word- AMAZING. Oh my lord, I would kill for one of those, I bet your little one loves it. And also Lucky Charms are quite possibly the best thing in the world ever, your right definitely a million times better than roses. Whenever I go to America I stock up on lots of boxes, as to buy them over here they are like £8 a box. Still totally worth it though!
My little girl doesn’t go to nursery when I work she goes to Grandmas and to a friends house but I sometimes wish she did because I would love to get artwork to put on my fridge!
Sounds like a lovely week!x

Emma on February 21, 2012 at 9:50 am.

Yes, the bouncy castle is ours to keep. A friend was selling it cheap so we thought we may as well buy it as C’s birthday is in the summer so it’ll come in handy for parties on the garden for the next few years!

Lucky Charms are great aren’t they?! They’re 2 for £10 in Selfridges which is still a lot for cereal but nice for a treat every now and then :-)

northernmum on February 20, 2012 at 9:39 pm.

your little girl is beautiful! I adore that hat x
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Emma on February 21, 2012 at 9:51 am.

Thank you :-) She loves wearing hats that are totally inappropriate for the season!