What does Mothers Day really mean?

By | February 21, 2012

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Mums everywhere are celebrated annually on their day of appreciation, Mother’s Day. But what does Mother’s Day really mean?

One day is not enough to celebrate those women who raise another human being – the most important job in the world. Often there is no obligatory prize rewarded to the best. Instead recognition goes unnoticed except on this one day a year. Husbands present wives with tokens of appreciation – chocolates, jewellery or flowers always proving most popular. Eager children offer breakfast in bed or older children may opt for a lunch date combined with a Mother’s Day card.

Yet, the best gifts are not tied with the finest silk thread or packaged in the prettiest box, macaroni art, soap-on-a-rope and recycled vases haphazardly decorated with found art are those displayed on the fridge or cabinet shelf or the personalised Hallmark greeting cards showing photos of times gone by. Regardless, the celebration of motherhood is not about the gifts but the prize at the end of seeing children grow up. Motherhood is an unrecognized job that Mother’s Day sheds light on.

Yet why not celebrate them every day or at least once a week? The task of motherhood is not an easy one. With such a crucial role, mothers are forced to find new ways of answering continual questions about life with no answers at the back of the book to look for.

A sacred undertaking, becoming a mother changes life. Obstacles are thrown that often circumstance leaves them harder to overcome. Becoming a mother is a humbling experience as new emotions not seen before emerge – patience, caring and understanding are pushed to the foreground in efforts to give children the room to explore. Mothers everywhere often want to protect their children from the unpleasantness that surrounds us daily, but inevitably children grow up.

Life does not stand still. Constant change and growth are issues mothers must face and there are areas that a simple solution or quick fix is not guaranteed.  Motherhood is about making mistakes since mothers too are only human.

Choosing to become a mother is not a simple question nor has a simple answer. With constant planning, time and expense becoming a mother is no easy feat.  Many women wonder is this what fulfills completion of life, satisfying a women’s obligatory honor to expand on it. The truth – no one knows. Mothers are the individuals that guide us along and we take away their strength and determination to raise an individual that knows the difference between right and wrong.

Doing the washing, cooking, cleaning the house, kissing scrapes and bruises and attending school plays are all part of motherhood that before were unforeseen or often not thought of as tasks that mothers perform without thinking. These are the daily givings that encompass being a mother and children often don’t recognize. But mothers are celebrated with a deserving hug, a cheerier I-love-you that days like Mother’s Day are only observed as the bonus.


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Honest Mum on February 22, 2012 at 12:20 pm.

What a beautiful post that pays credit to motherhood so wonderfully. Thanks x