Listography: Top 5 Cookbooks

By | March 15, 2012

I don’t take part in Kate’s Listography very often, mostly because I’m a bit rubbish at keeping up to date with blog posts and by the time I read them they’re usually 2 weeks out of date.  This week I have excelled myself and actually read a few blog posts within a couple of days of them being published.

This week’s Listography asks for our top five cookbooks and here are mine.

The Curry Bible.  I bought this as a present for M for Christmas and it’s already been used lots by both of us.  It has a lot of ‘normal’ curry recipes that aren’t too complicated, as well as recipes for Indian accompaniments.

Chinese Food Made Easy.  Another of our favourite cookbooks that comes out a lot.  I love Chinese food but unfortunately can’t have takeaway everyday so have to get my Chinese fix by cooking my own (beef in oyster sauce is my favourite if you’re wondering).

The ultimate slow cooker cookbook.  I haven’t had this book long but I love my slow cooker and this is one of my favourite slow cooker recipe books at the moment.

Cupcakes.  Not that I bake cupcakes that often but when I do this is the book that I go to first. It has some nice, simple recipes for amateur cupcake bakers like me but some fancier ones should I ever get braver with my baking.

The eat well cookbook.  I like to flick through this recipe book when I’m lacking inspiration for lunches as this one has some nice, healthy smaller meals.

What are your favourite recipe books?


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