Reason to buy a range cooker: Lifetime investment

By | April 25, 2012

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There are few things in life that have the attributes of a true investment, one that provides real long-term benefit and value.  Your house, under normal circumstances, is your greatest asset –  the investment of your money and time actually increasing as the years pass.  Within the home the kitchen holds the most value per square foot and is often the major focus of attention within any home as it is the area most families congregate.


There are so many reasons to invest in a range cooker: its stunning good looks, enormous cooking potential and ease to live with to name just a few. Range cookers are one of the few pieces of interior home expenditure that are a true investment.  As a freestanding unit, these durable and solid cookers are able to stay with you through any house moves you may make and slot perfectly into any kitchen to provide a focal point of outstanding beauty as well as being able to cater for practically any cooking need.

The traditional styling is timeless, with most ranges maintaining an old fashioned, farmhouse type look with solid feeling dials and handles on a strong and durable steel, finished in a choice of facades to include the traditional farmhouse green and warm red, sleek black or contemporary stainless steel.  Stunning to look at and wonderful to use, buying a range cooker is a superb, timeless investment.  It is important that you choose carefully the type of look you are looking for and remember that this is the look that will remain with you throughout your lifetime with your range.  Fortunately, the design of the ranges allows for even the most traditionally styled cooker to fit perfectly into a contemporary designed kitchen. Most utilise dual fuel power, with the large ovens being powered by electricity and the multiple hobs using gas in order to ensure that direct heat can be managed effectively.



Range cookers are bigger than conventional ovens and are strong and durable enough to last a lifetime.  Like most major investments, some servicing and maintenance ensures that the cooker runs perfectly for years on end.  For people who are serious about their cooking a range is the perfect outlet to hone the skills.  The key to purchasing the right range cooker is to study the market carefully, decide on size, what fuel is best for you, and, possibly most important, how much you want to spend.  Costs of ranges can vary greatly, and not just according to size – it is important to study the cookers carefully and explore the oven sizes, number of hob cooking zones and identifying your range needs thoroughly before purchasing.

To invest in a range cooker is a valuable and enjoyable experience with no financial risk.  Ranges have extensive parts, labour and warranty cover and, with a regular service contract, are an investment that will never lose value.  You will wonder how you ever managed without one.


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