It can be exhausting looking after the kids all day, cooking, cleaning, running around after them and picking up after them and making sure everyone is getting along. Phew! Mums have to have some rest and relaxation time to keep their mental health at tip-top level. There are a number of things that you can do both in and out of the house to keep you on form.

Reading a good book can take you away from it all. Take the time to pick up something engaging and make sure that you relax for at least half an hour while the baby is asleep or the kids are occupied with something outside or their computer games.

A hobby such as painting and drawing can make you feel rested, or if you are more crafty than arty, why not take up knitting or crochet? You can make yourself and your family clothes and accessories for next to nothing!

Online gaming is a good way to feel like you’ve been somewhere and done something different. You can play all sorts of games, from Candy Crush Saga or the Sims on Facebook, to betting games such as Chitchat bingo online, where you can talk to other people and win a bit of money too!

If you need to have a moan, ring someone and have a vent. Call your best friend or your mother instead of moaning on Facebook, as this is much more cathartic.

Another good tip that helps you out at the same time as relaxing you is taking up cooking. No, not sorting out everyone’s dinner, but learning how to make haute cuisine, or perhaps a spot of baking. Making your own bread, for example, can be lots of fun and saves adding it to the weekly shop.

If you get the chance, try to have some proper time to yourself. Get someone to watch the kids for an afternoon while you and your friend head down to the local spa or Turkish baths for some me time. Have a facial or a manicure and feel your cares just drift away.