Play Again with Pedigree Joint Care+

By | August 9, 2012

Our boxer, BJ, has been featured on the blog a few times now.  He’s getting on a bit now – he turned 9 in June – and it’s starting to show.  He suffers with stiff joints when he’s been on a long walk and he’s just generally slowing down.

The lovely folks at Pedigree got in touch and offered to send us a 6 week supply of Joint Care+, along with some balls, a ball thrower and a video camera to record his progress.

We’re in week 3 now and the challenge for this week is ‘play’.  Now, this is a good one for us as, despite his age, BJ still thinks he’s a puppy when it comes to balls.  He’s not too fussy whether it’s a football, a tennis ball or something in between, although he does have his favourites; the current one being a mini football.  Once he decides on a favourite he gets very protective over it.

Pedigree joint care+

We think he’s funny as boxers aren’t really known for their barking but stand in front of a ball with BJ and he barks and grumbles like he’s talking to you.  I managed to catch this in the video below.

Since starting the Joint Care+ trial we have noticed that BJ seems to be more playful, especially with my parents dog, Roxy, who you’ll see in the video.  He’s still a bit of a grumpy old man at times but it’s nice to see him running around instead of just sitting on the patio or in his bed most of the day.

Pedigree Joint Care+ definitely gets our vote.


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