Unique gifts from The Day That…

By | September 12, 2012

When I was offered the chance to review a framed photograph from The Day That, my first instinct was to go for C’s birthday but, as we hope to add another little person to our family one day, I decided to go for our wedding day, six and a half years ago.

After an initial mishap with the delivery, I received my ‘The Day That… we got married’ picture and it’s beautiful.  It’s framed in birch and is personalised with our names and the date of our wedding.  It can’t have been a great day in England back in January 2006 as there were only 5 photos to choose from, whereas some dates seem to have quite a few more, but I love the photo I chose and the sunrise over the trees does remind me of Cyprus, our wedding venue.

It’s lovely to see the photo hung on the wall and know that it was taken on our special day.  It’s something that is personal, unique to us and looks pretty too!

The Day That initially focused on gifts around the birth of a child (and used to be known as My First Day) but, as the business has grown, it now offers unique gifts for births, christenings, weddings,anniversaries and much more and on 1st September 2009 the company became known as The Day That.

There are photographs on the site of almost every sunrise from 21st June 2005 and if you’re looking for a completely unique anniversary gift, wedding gift or indeed a gift to remember any special day by then definitely take a look here.

The Day That framed pictures start from £85, with unframed starting from £55, and the largest framed picture costing £250.  I received the classic size (60cm x 50cm) which costs £150.


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