The one with the caravan

By | April 23, 2013

Huge news!  We bought a touring caravan!  It’s an old one but is in great, clean condition and I’m so excited!

Old readers may know that we have camped for years and, although our tent is lovely, we feel that it’s time to upgrade, especially with #2 on the way. 

C is super excited and has eaten her breakfast in the caravan for the past 2 days.  We’ve been busy sorting out our camping boxes and moving all of our plates and cutlery and other accessories into the van already.

We’ve decided to test it out this weekend at Hardhurst Farm, one of our favourite campsites in the Peak District and will then plan some trips a little further away.  We’re definitely planning a trip down to London during the summer so we can take C to Legoland as we’ve promised her a trip there once we buy a caravan for the past year.

We’re complete newbies again now we’re caravanners.  Any top tips or things we need to know about caravans?


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