Bump Diary: 18 weeks

By | May 3, 2013

After the first 12 weeks taking what felt like a lifetime to pass, the weeks since my scan have really sped up.

I didn’t start this blog until C was 9 months old so I don’t have any record of my pregnancy with her which I think is a shame.  For that reason I’ve decided to start writing a pregnancy bump diary.  I’ve not decided if I’ll do it weekly or fortnightly yet but I’m starting now with week 18.

Baby: Now the size of a sweet potato or a bell pepper depending which site you get your info from, and is about 5.5 inches from crown to rump.


Symptoms: Feeling pretty normal really.  A little more tired than I would be pre-pregnancy but feeling good other than that.  Still having moments where I forget I’m pregnant.

Weight: No weight gain from what I was pre-pregnancy.  Undecided whether to be pleased or concerned about this.  My bump is growing and I’m eating normally so not too worried about baby but will mention it at my next appointment.

Clothes: Most trousers are now maternity but am still wearing most of my regular tops.  Sorted all my old maternity clothes out this week and I really need to shop!  As I worked full time when I was pregnant with C they’re mostly plain black or white t-shirts.  So boring!

Movement: A few movements this week, just small ones

Cravings: Enjoying sweet things which I have been the whole pregnancy so far

Stretchmarks: None

Sleep: No problems and enjoying it lots

Appointments: None

Best moment: Feeling proper movement this week

Worst moment: None

Anything else: My hair is looking good at the moment; it’s less greasy than usual and generally nicer.  Long may this last!

Bump pic:

18 weeks



Nicole on May 4, 2013 at 8:50 pm.

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Louise on May 4, 2013 at 9:21 pm.

What a cute little bump! Good to hear you are feeling well x
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