Bump Diary: 20 weeks

By | May 19, 2013

It’s halfway week!  Time is definitely speeding up.  A little late getting this post up as we were at Butlins last week (and had a fab time!)

Baby: Now the size of a banana, or a cantaloupe melon, measuring around 6 inches and weighing approximately 11 ounces.


Symptoms: Still none really.

Weight: Have finally put on a couple of pounds.  This is just as likely to be caused by all the food I ate while away last week than it is by baby but it makes me a little happier!

Clothes: Mostly maternity with the odd pre-pregnancy top.  There’s no way I could fit in any pre-pregnancy trousers though.  I’ve just discovered maternity leggings too.  A-mazing.

Movement: Getting much bigger movements in the past week.  Now able to see and feel some from the outside which I was quite shocked at as I wasn’t expecting it so early on.

Cravings: None

Stretchmarks: None so far

Sleep: Apart from one bad night I had it’s been normal

Appointments: None, but have our anomaly scan and a consultant appointment next week

Best moment: Definitely when C got to feel baby kick for the first time, the look on her face was awesome!

Worst moment: None

Anything else: Nothing to mention this week

Bump pic:

20 weeks


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