My little ladybird

By | May 28, 2013

I sometimes feel like I suck at being a parent.  Like when C has to dress up for school I mostly cheat and buy a ready made costume.  For children in need in November I just bought her an official Pudsey t-shirt, and for World Book Day she went to school in her Cinderella dress.

But not this time!  Last week C’s nursery had a garden fun day.  The letter said that children could dress up as a gardener or as a butterfly, ladybird, bee etc.

Bearing in mind that I didn’t get the letter until 2 days before as we were away the previous week, and that I was at work on the days running up to fun day (and I’m the least creative person ever!), I managed to create this in just one night.

ladybirdIf I’d had more time and resources I’d have attempted some wings but I’m rather proud of my little ladybird.



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