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By | May 10, 2013

A few weeks ago, when picking C up from nursery, her teacher mentioned to me that they’d started doing letter sounds with her class and that C was doing very well and knew most of them.  This didn’t come as a surprise to me as we talk about letters a lot at home, and I know she recognises most of the alphabet now but this was obviously a bigger thing to nursery than it was to me.

The following day as I collected her, the head of nursery asked if she could have a word.  My first thoughts were that she’d done something naughty but it turned out that they wanted to move C into a group of slightly older (6-9 months older) children when they were doing their letter work.

C’s doing really well in the older group and it hasn’t phased her at all as she knows the children anyway.

This week as I collected her, another teacher mentioned that she’d been to see the headmistress as she’d done some good writing.  They’ve had writing assessments where the children were asked to write a shopping list of some vegetables.  They had a sheet with the words written on already and were just asked to copy the sheets.  I was shown what C had done and it was good but, to me, that’s just C.  She regularly writes at home on her blackboard and is constantly asking me how to spell things so it wasn’t really anything new to me.

It wasn’t until yesterday, when I stayed at nursery to help out, that I realised how far ahead C’s writing skills were over others the same age.


I was chatting to M about it last night and we both agreed that we know she is a clever child but she is who she is.  The reading and writing are just what she does and, although we do praise her a lot when she does nice writing or reads a word, we don’t go over the top.  This is a little odd when I’m shown work at nursery and I say ‘oh yes, that’s good’ while the teacher is making a big fuss but we’re used to how she is!

We are really very proud of how well she’s doing, especially as she doesn’t turn 4 for another 6 weeks, and I think she’ll enjoy full time school in September but I’m just bemused with how my reactions to C’s work differs to the teachers.  After I leave I wonder if they think I’m a horrid parent who doesn’t praise their child.  I hope not!


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