Bump Diary: 22 weeks

By | June 4, 2013

Baby: According to an e-mail I received, baby has now started growing hair.  C was born with quite a lot of very dark hair so will be interesting to see if this one is the same.  Baby is also now the size of a papaya and weighs around 12-13 ounces

Symptoms: The dreaded leg cramps have started!  I had these with C and was hoping I’d get away with them this time but it appears not.  Nothing else at the moment

Weight: Haven’t actually weighed myself for a few weeks, thinking I must have put on a few pounds though

Clothes: I’m in desperate need of some maternity shorts and skirts now the weather is improving!

Movement: Lots of movement now

Cravings: None

Stretchmarks: None yet

Sleep: Still sleeping fine, some nights are interrupted by toilet trips but not every night yet

Appointments: Had our anomaly scan a couple of weeks ago, though baby was laying in a funny position so we had to have a rescan last week.  All was fine in the end, and we didn’t find out the sex.  Slightly scary to think that, all being well, the next time we’ll see baby is when they’re born!

Best moment: Seeing baby on the scan and showing C her little brother or sister

Worst moment: The leg cramps!

Anything else: Found out I have to have the test for gestational diabetes at 28 weeks purely because I was being investigated for PCOS before I fell pregnant (it was never confirmed that I had it).  This seems silly to me as my pregnancy with C was fine, and my BMI at booking in was 23 so within normal limits but what do I know?!

Bump pic:

22 weeks


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