Bump Diary: 24 weeks

By | June 17, 2013

Baby: 24 weeks now, and baby is medically viable.  I’m in no rush to meet him/her yet though and hope they stay cooking for quite a while longer!  Baby now has taste buds, weighs just over a pound and is 12 inches long.

Symptoms: Not many.  Had backache for a while over the weekend but nothing too bad.  Feeling generally fine.

Weight: I’m up about half a stone on pre-pregnancy weight now.

Clothes: Finally got some maternity skirts and shorts which are much better than jeans when we get a bit of warm weather.  Think my next purchase may have to be new pyjamas as I’m not fitting into my old ones very well anymore!

Movement: Lots of movement now

Cravings: None

Stretchmarks: None yet

Sleep: Still good.  Have one toilet trip most nights now but straight back to sleep afterwards.

Appointments: None in the last fortnight.  Seeing midwife next week for the first time since 16 weeks.

Best moment: Getting even stronger kicks now and both M & C getting to feel them.

Worst moment: None

Anything else: Not really!

Bump pic:

24 weeks


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